The Final Exit Movie Trailer | Kunal Roy Kapur | Scarlett Wilson

The Final Exit Movie Trailer: The movie stars Kunaal Roy Kapur, Ananya Sengupta, Scarlett Wilson, Archana Shastri & Reyhna Malhotra. The movie is directed by Dhwanil Mehta and is produced by Mrunal Jhaveri and Vishal Rana.

The Film is a Suspense Thriller wherein Kunal Roy Kapur is shown as a Photographer who is addicted to drugs. In the trailer it is shown as how his drug addiction takes him to another world which is really scary. But the trailer seems to be missing that touch which will take the audience to the theatres.  Lets see how this new journey turns out to be for Kunal.

The Film is set to Release on 22nd September.

The Final Exit Trailer

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